Click-o-Matic for Internet of Things Hack Day

For the Internet of Things Hackathon competition, my team IoT Smackdown made an internet enabled multi-user voting system. Users across the world can go to a website and click as fast as they can on either 'A' or 'B' to move a real-world display needle to the left or right. When the needle goes all the way to one side, an LED display either blue or green lights up and the voting is over. We used the Electric Imp with LED lights and a servo motor, a web page, and we use PubNub to sync data to and from the Imp and across the each web site instance.

On September 6th 2014, I competed in a hack day for Electric Imp at PubNub's headquarters in San Francisco. My team created the 'Click-o-Matic,' an internet-enabled instant voting meter where and number of users could log in to a web page and click A or B mutliple times trying to move a physical needle in one direction or the other.
I coded for the first half and got PubNub, JavaScript and the Electric Imp all talking to each other. For the second half, I designed the Click-o-Meter with Adobe, cardboard, and scissors, then put the slide show together for the final presentation.

Slideshow I created and presented below:
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