We did an Indiegogo campaign and I created a video for it, including custom graphics, script writing, audio recording, acting, English and Chinese translated subtitles, 3D animation, original video, and stock footage. 

Video introducing our product and team.

The logo I designed is on the website, the hardware componentes, and the device itself.

Logo on the printed circuit board for the control unit

The Mask Reborn Box with logos and icons I designed

I created an ecommerce website using WordPress. [link]

Wordpress website I designed

Alibaba page using some graphics I designed and ad copy I helped create.

I created a video in Adobe Animation to explain the role of static electricity in the use of masks

Video I made to explain the electrostatic tester for the Alibaba page

I also designed a series info-graphics for the project.

Infographic explaining the box's functions

Infographic explaining the different certifications for masks

Infographic explaining the different pledge options for our IndiGogo campaign

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